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Model: B1(Pipe-rack)
Model: B2
(High pressure twined hose)
Model: B3
(High pressure braided hose)
Model: B4
(Two layer thread hose)
Model: B5(Valve)
Model: B6(pressure gauge)
Model: B7(valve assy)
Model: B8(strainer)
Model: B9(Curve shaft)
Model: B10(Pluner)
Model: B11(Connecting-rod)
Model: B12(pressure gauge)
Model: B13(Flexible joint)
Model: B14(Flexible Joint)
Model: B15(Joint
components of butterfly-cap)
Model: B16(Jiont
components in hexagonal)


Model: B17(Two way
with tilt entrance)
Model: B18
(Tway with tilt entrance)
Model: B19(Cross
way with tilt entrance)
Model: B20(Male
hexagonal tway with dual-heal)
Model: B21(Male ball-valve
switch with dual-head)
Model: B22(Male ball-valve
switch with single-head)
Model: B23(Male ball-valve
tri-entrances with dual-head)
Model: B24 Straight-head gun 1 ft Model: B25 Straight-head gun 3ft
Model: B24A Straight-head gun 1 ft Model: B27 Straight-head gun 3ft
Model: B24-1 Straight-head gun 1.5ft Model: B27-1 Bend gun 3ft
Model: B24-2 Straight-head gun 1.5ft Model: B27-2 Straight-head gun 3ft
Model: B25-1 Straight-head gun 3ft Model: B27-3 Long way spraying gun
Model: B26 Bend gun 3ft Model: B30-1(Spray gun)
Model: B28(cleaning gun) Model: B29(Spray gun) Model: B30(Spray gun)
Model: B32 Lengthen cleaning long ejection-gun Model:B33frame
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